Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Waterfall Restaurant in Philippines

Some Beautiful Thoughts..!

Largest Picture Captured in 111 Giga Pixel

You will enjoy this.
This is the largest picture in the world.
This is a technological wonder.
Zoom in to see a particular building.
Watch and enjoy. It’s a big picture.

Click Here :  http://www.sevilla111.com/default_en.htm

The picture was made with the Canon 5D mark II and a 400mm-lens. It
consists of 1.665 full format pictures with 21.4 mega pixel, which was
Recorded by a photo-robot in 172 minutes. The converting of 102GB raw  Data
by a computer with a main memory cache of 48 GB and 16
processors took  94 hours. The picture is the largest in the world.
Zoom in to see any particular building/object. This is just Amazing !